Commercial and residential junction with lush green ambience in Kolkata in West Bengal .


Barrackpore is the main junction in West Bengal. You will find lush green ambience, residential complexes, nicely designed buildings, temples, and all amenities like shopping malls, markets for buying vegetables, and other spices from supermarkets. Dresses and home items and furnishings etc. Relocation is as easy and simple in the busiest town where you will find a residential or commercial business organization. Just make a phone call to Arpan Shipping for a pack and move. Get a Free Estimate and assign the pack and move assignment task to do as per your advice and negotiation done by you with the packers and movers.

Magnificent tour at Mangal Pandey Park

This park is devoted to the earliest public legend, Mangal Pandey who raised his voice against Britishers prompting Sepoy Revolt in 1857. It likewise has a kids’ park and is visited by local people, any day, any time.. You can likewise take a boat ride through Ganga from Mangal Pandey Park. It is a historical place to visit and to take a tour when you are in Barrackpore, 

Welcome to Gandhi Ghat

Gandhi Ghat is a memorial enshrined with the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi. A mural is placed inside, depicting his cultural and important work in detail. The natural beauty of sunrise and sunset view at this Gandhi ghat and the serene river flowing is magnificent with scenic beauty.

Worship in the Paradise

The Annapurna Temple is the worshippers’ paradise. Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa initiated this delightful temple in 1875 and the engineering is roused by the Dakhineswar temple, worked by Rani Rashmoni. The Annapurna Temple, otherwise called Rani Rashmoni temple privately, was appointed by Rani Rashmoni’s most youthful girl, Jagadamba Devi. According to neighborhood conviction, Jagadamba longed for Ramkrishna asking her not to fabricate a more stupendous temple than her mom. Thus Annapurna temple has just six Shiv temples when contrasted with twelve in Dakshineswar. The temple is close to Rani Rashmoni ghat and the perspective on the stream with humble fishing boats against the scenery of Serampore’s modern belt is stunning.

Famous Lalkuthi Fire Station lies here

This destroyed building structure with its far-reaching ground is, for the most part, deserted other than the nearby youngsters learning and practicing playing cricket here every day. The neighborhood young men let us know that this was once the zamindari place of Rani Rashmoni and her family in Barrackpore. This likewise filled in as a fire station base for quite a while before being deserted. Simply envision this entrancing house being the rich dwelling place of former Bengali culture and sovereignty.