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Commercial and residential area with lush green ambience  in West Bengal .


Haldia is the posh location in West Bengal where you will find lush green ambience, residential complexes, nicely designed buildings, temples, and all amenities like shopping malls, markets for buying vegetables, and other related spices from supermarkets. Dresses, home items, furnishings etc., in the busiest town where you will find a residential or commercial business organization, relocation is as easy and simple as possible. Just make a phone call to Arpan Shipping for a pack and move. Get a Free Estimate and assign the pack and move assignment task to do as per your advice and negotiation done by you with the packers and movers.

Pride of Haldia is Mahishadal Rajbari & Goplajew Temple

The Castle was initially designed to house Janardan Upadhyay (Garg) of Uttar Pradesh, who frequently came to the area for business. The renowned Krishna Sanctuary, Gopaljee Temple, is arranged on the patio of this royal residence.

Worked subject to Rani Janki Devi, the temple additionally has symbols of Ruler Shiva. Jagannath Sanctuary and Natmandir are situated on one or the other side of the entry. The region involves two castles, an old one and another one. The replacements of the imperial family occupy the upgraded one. The ground floor rooms have a decent assortment of stuffed collections of creatures, works of art, furniture and so on. These should be visible on request.

Visit at least Marine Drive in Haldia 

The Haldia Marine drive is a lovely 6 km street stretch from Coast Watchman Pier to the third oil breakwater point. The street is fixed with palm trees, and sometimes a boat should be visible on the shore. Maybe one of the most lovely sights in Haldia, it’s a delightful difference from swarmed city streets.

Sataku is mini Japan in Haldia

The ‘mini Japan’ in Haldia is a remarkable spot to visit. Japanese individuals fundamentally occupy this locale. Representatives of the Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporations (MCC) PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) possess this spot on a huge scale. The spot is properly called mini Japan, complete with its own Japanese eating joints, film lobbies and news station.

Haldia Dock & Port is the Connectivity

The Haldia dock was initially worked to take some heap off the spilling over Kolkata Port. The development of the Haldia Dock Complex that began working in 1968 got energy with the authorization of Haldia Port in 1977 when it began its global activities. The dock is the business focal point of Haldia, and an excursion to Haldia without seeing the dock is inadequate.