Commercial and residential area with lush green ambience  in West Bengal .


Kalyani is among the prime towns in West Bengal where you will find lush green ambience, residential complexes, nicely designed buildings, temples, and all amenities like shopping malls, markets for buying vegetables, and other related spices from supermarkets. Dresses and home items and furnishings etc., in the busiest town where you will find a residential or commercial business organization, relocation is as easy and simple. Just make a phone call to Arpan Shipping for a pack and move. Get a Free estimate and assign the pack and move assignment task to do as per your advice and negotiation done by you with the packers and movers.

Kalyani Aiims

Kalyani AIIMS is assets of kalyani and West Bengal also . The world class doctor who gave the service for years at low cost for the people . The hospital provides diagnostic and OPD services for patients. Recently AIIMS has started IPD service which is a good news for patients . ECG and other test reports are free for people.

Kalyani Lake Park

As a verdant arranged municipality, Kalyani is popular for its parks and gardens. The Kalyani Outing Nursery towards the western finish of Congress street is an incredible spot for bunch picnics. The nursery sprouts with various assortments of fluorescent blossoms in the colder time of year, adding to Kalyani’s beautiful excellence and abundance.


Mayapur & Temples are a great attraction

Kalyani has the renowned Sri Krishna Rai Jiu temple in Rathtala is the sanctuary region that is extremely well known among guests and enthusiasts who crowd the spot over time. As a spot inside the Nadia region, Kalyani additionally approaches a portion of the huge otherworldly objections of West Bengal like Nabadweep Dham, which is the origin of the profound master Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Mayapur, which has the ISKCON base camp.

Attractive Lakes in Kalyani

The Kalyani Lake is a famous vacation destination in the city regions. It is likewise where the guest can enjoy water sports like drifting, calculating and appreciating nature in outdoor eateries. There are many review booths along the lake. There is a superb café here named “Wizardry Spoon” in the B-15 area serving Indian, Chinese and Roasted luxuries.