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Posh location in Kolkata city.


New Alipore is the posh location in the heart of Kolkata where you will find a lush green ambience plus residential complexes and nicely designed buildings, temples, and all amenities like shopping malls, markets for buying vegetables and other related spices from supermarkets. Dresses and home items and furnishings etc. 

New Alipore College

New Alipore College originated on 5th August 1963 as a Govt. Supported College on an enormous plot of land claimed by the Public authority of West Bengal. The main structure of the then-Day College, developed by the Public Works Division, was three-celebrated. Transformed into a four-celebrated a lot later, it stays the primary structure of the College. Its central goal is ‘Making Access and Inclusivity in Quality knowledge through Education’. Vision is ‘Incorporate, Enlighten and Creation’. The target of the College is ‘Training for all independent of standing, ideology, religion, and monetary status’.

New Alipore Mint is a treasure

In the last part of the 1930s, laid the foundation for another mint was finished at Taratala, near Alipore, and development was to have been completed by mid-1942. Notwithstanding, The Second Great War stopped all development. It was finished in the mid-1950s. The Alipore Mint was opened by the Money Priest of the Public authority of India, Late C. D. Deshmukh, on 19th March 1952. The entire situation for the money and readiness of awards, enhancements and identifications began in Alipore Mint on this date. Notwithstanding the development of coins for homegrown use likewise delivers coins for different countries.

New Alipore Mutipurpose School is an institute

New Alipore Multipurpose School is one of the regarded schools in south Kolkata. This Organization upheld a Higher discretionary Bengali-medium school and made an extension in 1964. This school served the general public for north of 50 years. In this extended journey, New Alipore Multipurpose School gifted swarms of diamonds to society under the training of renowned educationists. New Alipore Multipurpose School lauded its Splendid Festival in 2014.

Merlin Residency is here in New Alipore

Merlin Pristine in New Alipore mirrors is a complex of exemplary and contemporary. A long way past the regular thought of luxurious homes, your perfect home is a structure of complexity. It is a gala for the whole self! Including an ideal plan, way of life conveniences, and sporting offices, your spotless home scores a delicate union of style and usefulness.